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I didn’t even play a game of poker online if I knew the symbol for the shocked smiley I would have inserted it here~ the boys asked if I was ill 😉 Friday night ~ they always host a huge poker tournie in their “ManCave”; easily 20 kids from the neighborhood play. When they get themselves settled, chinese or pizza delivered and into their game I quickly hop online to find one for myself. Been a habit for the past couple years. I am a die hard card player, came by it honestly through genetics. Last night I never even thought of poker < insert shock smilie here> .

These blogs are addicting. I hadn’t read a blog that I was aware of prior to starting mine ~ I just jumped in. Last night though I started noodling around and found some excellent reading. There were a couple times I laughed out loud. Hysterical stuff out there. Excellent stories to be read and also reassurance that there are indeed folks living an insanely chaotic life. Sometimes a person needs to know they aren’t the only one. The chaos and life stories fascinate me.

Just in the small little tour I took last night ~ the writing styles are very fun to dissect and very Lucid. It’s fun to see who is speaking from life experience and find those who think they have buffaloed the reader into believing they are speaking of life experiences ~ I now refer to those types of blogs as a Seinfelder.

I am hoping my appreciation for the Seinfelder will grow. I didn’t come into the world loving Jack Daniels I developed a taste for it, right after it hit my lips, love at first gulp ;). While I am sure that isn’t the case with the Seinfelder, I do hope I find an appreciation for that type of blog. I am willing to bet there is something fascinating in each one if a person looks hard enough. Right now though because there are so many I haven’t seen if I feel a person is blowing smoke up my ass I move on.

I haven’t found one that I have thought, Hang it up Bud, log off, the internet is not your friend. Which that surprised me as well. I read quite a few & you would think out of X amount there would be at least one that had no business being there. Not the case. At this point the Seinfelder is the major offender.

Very enjoyable & I can see how a person gets totally sucked into this. Today we went to the grocery, the Farmer’s Market, Target & the fish store. This fish store as a result of a blog a found last night. It’s amazing now that I am paying attention how many random events in a person’s day would make for a blog entry. Mind boggling and unfortunate that most would fall into the Rant category. People can sure be ignorant out and about on a beautiful Saturday. I bit my tongue several times. Try to keep my cool when traveling with the kids, I had my oldest with me & at the grocery store we danced through the isles with a Mother and Daughter ~ and the daughter wanted to date my Son, a he her (almost sounds like I am part donkey he her, HeeHaw) but they live a considerable distance and in High School that means a little something. Well at $4.00 plus a gallon now it means something for everyone unfortunately. Anyways I didn’t want to be going off in the middle of Big Bird (Giant Eagle, a local food chain for us) my son’s cheeks were already flush ~ I couldn’t set him ablaze in the middle of the dairy department. Had that Girl and her Mother not been there, it most likely would have been all over & one hell of a Blog Entry.

I don’t have much now, but I can assure you ~ you won’t find a Seinfelder here. That’s just not my style. And unfortunately my life isn’t one that would force me to have make a Seinfelder entry ~ I couldn’t get that lucky. Driving home we were talking in the car, I was also pondering in my head and I do hope that this blog doesn’t change how I am interact in the real world. Today I found myself thinking every time something idiotic happened about the blog. Where as when I was out there before the blog never entered the equation there was no blog.

I just realized its now Saturday evening and I don’t have any poker software running. Am I am off to see whose life I can get into from the recent tags and also find out exactly what I want to do with the CSS so I can move in completely. Have a great Saturday Night All, my seat is open at the poker table.

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