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Wipeout ~

We were all hanging out downstairs tonight, had played a couple games of yahtzee and decided to watch the tube. Nothing on though. We’re used to it, because there seldom is. $125.00 a month for cable, a couple hundred channels, but nothing on. Little did we know we were about to stumble on a gem Wipeout. For us it’s on ABC network at 8:00 pm. The show is a complete trip. The commentators leave a little to be desired, but watching these folks go at it is a trip. We laughed out loud throughout the whole thing. Actually set it to dvr and we don’t do that with many shows.

Must be a slow news day for us as well… as we were watching it we had a ticker across the bottom of the tv. Usually they are Amber Alerts, Severe Weather Warnings, National Crisis. Big Events. We were caught up in the show and didn’t catch it first time through. It came back through…
Local Woman Attacked by Wild Turkey ~ Tonight at 11:00 ! We Lost it.

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