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Coffee Card Conspirator

I am and I am not a morning person. Guessing most will wonder how that can be as it really is a cut & dry issue; you either are or you are not. Well it wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t both. Let me just say my mornings are hectic and not something I jump out of bed anxious to be in the middle of. Each day though about the same time my eyes pop open and I get ready to get to my morning. This happens at 5:00 am. I feel that alone justifies me calling myself a morning person. The fact that I begin immediate preparation also opens the door to entertaining the thought: if you have to prepare to face the morning, you really can’t claim to be a morning person. So while I am not a natural morning person, I am dedicated and I do face each day much too early for my liking.

I prefer morning solitude, but that’s not a reality in my world. I just do my best to get through it without all hell breaking loose because I do realize it doesn’t take much to constitute a Morning from Hell. Being the morning sets the tone for the whole day I try to get through it as quickly and uneventful as possible. Those little morning events seem to be the root evil & can derail everything.

The planets must have been in perfect alignment this morning because I feel I handled one of those “little morning events” like a natural born morning person would. That doesn’t happen very often so when it does I take note & am always sure it means one thing~ it’s going to be a stellar day. I am also a realist & I have lived enough to know that it can indicate all Hell is going to break loose. That can’t ever be determined until the end of the day so I am still waiting to see how it goes & hoping for the best.

So far I am on target for stellar. And this is about honesty, getting to the core so I will admit, I have lowered the bar on stellar, out of necessity (just like mastering the guard). If I get through the day without coming unglued or losing my cool to me that’s stellar.

This morning, being Friday, anxiously looking forward to weekend I faced a coffee card conspirator and I didn’t even let him ruffle my feathers. He gave me his best shot, I watched it unfold and rode right with it.

I ride to work with a friend. A friend who cannot reciprocate because he will not have his license back until 2010 or 2011(the actual date escapes me at this time). He and I like to have a morning coffee, knowing full well it means we have to stop and fight the masses, we love coffee it’s a morning ritual so we deal with it as best we can. Normally he fights the crowd and gets us two cups of Morning Blend. This morning though, I needed cigarettes so I said I’d fight the crowd.

At the coffee bar fixing two cups of coffee. I lay down my credit card and my coffee card. It’s a punch card, buy 5 coffee’s and your 6th one is free. Monday we would have one free cup, after purchasing two this morning. I like cream, my friend likes milk. Milk was empty on my end so that meant I had to go to the other end. To my right is a man I see every morning and he is not a morning person. We hit the store the same time and I have seen him on a regular basis for at least two years. He’ll get nudged, people will reach over, dribble a bit and usually these people say excuse me, pardon me, sorry about that. He never even responds. I will say this when I see him I always think to myself and have even said a out loud a few times “There’s the Prick” because he is. He’s rude and I don’t care for it, nor am I intimidated. This might be a good time to interject that my language is a bit colorful and I don’t usually find myself intimidated by much. So I leave my station and travel to the other end to get the milk & finish up the coffees. I then hurry to the register line that is easily 20 people long. This is because this Sheetz only feels the need to have one person run the register in the morning. They have 6 registers but I can count on one hand the times I have seen two of them running at once. Guessing because they “give” me a free coffee every 5th purchase they think that justifies forcing me to wait in line for 10 minutes to have it or purchase my way to the next “reward”. I gladly pay for the 6th if the would open another damned register.

I collect my card, get in line behind “The Prick”; holding two coffees I realize I only collect my card, my credit card ~ the coffee card was gone. I also see “The Prick” holding my card. He never presented a card before so I know he doesn’t normally use one. I also know mine had 2 hole punches in it and conveniently enough the first card I ever see him hold has 2 hole punches in it. It doesn’t take Colombo to figure this one out. We eventually get to the register. He presents his card and asks for a can of Snuff. My card is then punched and returned to him. Now normally by the time we get to the register I would have confronted him. I didn’t though. It’s Friday I have a busy day at the office, I am already pissed about 20 people in line and one checker, knowing most likely than not they don’t have my cigarettes on stock at this point in the week. It’s a coffee card for $1.10 cents. I try to let it slide, but it is the principal of the matter. Had he asked for the card I would have given it to him. Well I would have given it to mostly anyone, him I would have had an internal struggle with, just because he is “The Prick”. He then steps aside & I really do feel he did this just to twist the knife; he knew he had my card, I knew he had my card and he wanted to be a dick about it. I then look at him and tell him to “enjoy”. he’s a nonresponder so I didn’t expect him to say anything~ he didn’t. But he wanted me to know he hijacked my card and I wanted him to know that I knew he wanted me to know. I really didn’t want him to enjoy the coffee, but he had to pay for it and it will be days before his free one comes to him. And if he lets that card sit on the bar one time between now and then I will repossess it.

My turn at the register, finally. The clerk asks if I would like anything else to which I reply,” A carton of Marlboro Menthol Ultra Lights 100’s, please”. A non smoker he had no idea was baffled. I then hit him with, “I would also like another coffee card with 2 punches as he seemed to help himself to mine. Grand Theft Coffee Card”. Now everyone is looking. Coffee card conspirator has a look about himself , I believe he is stunned I called him out. Well if he had the balls to take the card, he should realize while I myself don’t possess balls, I don’t need them, when he shoved it in my face I wasn’t going to ignore it, I am a responder. He walked out, I wait 5 minutes for my cigs and my coffee card with 4 punches. Complete and damn proud of myself for the way it was handled.

So far I have been rewarded, the night is still young and I have an appointment for a haircut/ possible perm at 6:00 pm. Which I have debated several times today if, under the circumstances I should cancel, but I am going for it. I am all about signs, and feel today a secondary issue would have reared it’s ugly head if Coffee Card Conspirator was able to seek the ultimate revenge for me calling him out.

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