Not even close to the name I was looking for. It’s ugly, but effective and I can live with that for now. Forever it seems everyone is talking about blogging & I really had no idea what the draw was. Got the bug yesterday to look into blogging a little more seriously. I have been fascinated with it to this point, reading little tidbits, but never dove into it. Finally decided to dip my toes in.

My whole adult life, as things would happen, people would always look at me with that certain look and say, “You have a book in you”. I am sure many of you can identify with the certain look I am speaking about and for those of you who can, you also know the exact sound of the voice that accompanies it. Now, long time friends who have rode with you through life usually chuckle and say there’s a new chapter and try to come up with a catchy name for it, that takes the sting out of the root of the discussion. People who aren’t as close to you as those who name the new chapter are the ones whose voice you can monitor (there is so much to be learned as you get in tune with that, but more on that at another time). These are people who know you, but don’t know you. Closer than the casual acquaintance, possibly a co-worker or friend that you have that you noodle around with, but someone you keep a wee bit of distance with because at the end of the day people who live a certain type of life have to keep it guarded in order to maintain a bit of cloaked dignity. As you share more of your Lucid Karma with these closer than a casual acquaintances they become more comfortable in not trying to disguise their curiosity or their being thankful their lives seem a bit hum~drum. Little do these people know they could eventually be held to task and take on an important role, naming the next chapter.

With that being said I am now officially on my way. I am looking forward to getting my feet wet and also looking forward to sharing Lucid Karma moments both current events and chapters from the past. Certain chapters never seem to complete themselves & a new chapter can begin at any moment.

This itself I guess is a new chapter as the cloak of dignity opens.